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Pro Tips: The best ways to Produce The Perfect Gallery Wall (With Assistance From The Creators Of Oliver Gal)

ANP - Absolutely nothing makes a declaration quite like a gallery wall. It's the ideal method to flaunt a curated collection-- whether that's a thoughtful assortment of one-of-a-kind pieces or a hodepodge selection of posters and prints without any unifying theme other than you enjoy them.

If you are, however, wanting to up your salon wall aesthetic, let us direct you into the capable hands of Lola Sánchez & Ana Sánchez Gal. This sister duo founded their artists' collective Oliver Gal in 2012, as a brand name destination for art fans to go shopping collections with a vibrant, high-fashion technique. In their own words: "We have a glam, luxe look that we reach all brand names and lines. We search for the uncharted edge in art that makes you fall for a piece."

Here, we tapped the pair for a glimpse into their favorite pieces, and their clever suggestions on ways to create the best gallery wall.

What's the story behind the brand name?

"Oliver Gal Artist Co. is a collective of artists led by us; sis and artists. Our objective is to bring haute-art to individuals, with collections that develop in a fashion-like movement, setting the requirements for the greatest quality materials and the most innovative productions."

Exactly what are your suggestions for producing a fantastic beauty salon wall?

"Mix it up! You can enjoy fashion art, however quotes and neion indications work fantastic too. Try blending up pieces, frames, and most notably, mediums. Marquee lights or neons can provide an extremely contemporary, cool edge to a wall. The trick to mixing is that there's something in common. Have all the pieces in a similar rustic style, or sharing one accent color."

If you were an Oliver Gal painting, which one would you be?

"Water Coveted. We like to be sunkissed in the white beachs of Miami, while drinking coconut water. It's unwinding and empowering."

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