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Conscious Designing: Creating Meaningful Spaces At Home With Anne Sage, Author Of Sage Living

ANP - January: The huge, bad month of objectives. It's a time to act on the life you want, and take tactical steps to get there.

It's not often that this tactical approach gets applied to house decoration. Sure, there's alot to say about cleaning up and getting arranged, but what about implementing significant design changes to assist you come to a much better, calmer, and happier version of yourself? Let us introduce you to Anne Sage, Rue Publication co-founder, author of Sage Living, and coiner of our new preferred interior design phrase: "Embellish for the life you want"

Anne brings this philosophy to life in her debut design book from Chronicle Books, showcasing a series of stunning, vibrant, and (so important!) habitable spaces that all speak with the power of a strong design POV to develop a delightful area. Listed below, she's shared 3 objectives - be peaceful, entertaining, and remaining focused-- that are achieved through thought about decoration, directly from Sage Living. Get ready to put a little heart in your house.

Goal: Detach with Pleasure

Mimic the extravagance of hotel living in your very own bedroom. Mount a hook for a plush bathrobe behind the door, include two additional pillows to the mix for staying up and reading in bed, and look for no-wrinkle sheets for that crisp hotel feel.
A sense of age can make the distinction in between a bed room that feels too contrived for comfort and one that feels welcoming and lived-in. Balance a luxe area with patined surfaces, frayed textiles, and commercial information.
Instead of hiding favorite fashion pieces in the storage room, integrate them into your decoration. Put a whole collection on screen, such as fashion jewelry in a compartment tray on the dresser, or a specifically striking silk scarf draped over the bedpost.

Objective: Amuse with Abundance

Set an inviting tone as quickly as visitors step through the front door. If your house lacks a formal entrance, sculpt one out with a console table embellished with individual touches or a bar cart stocked with cocktail materials.
Do not let a non-traditional interior stop you from hosting completely! Guests won't miss a table as long as the celebration provides lots of snacks, sips, and spirited discussion.
A growing collection of glass- and serving ware breathes continuous brand-new life into your amusing style, but it can easily become messy and tough to handle. Keep it arranged and close at hand by keeping it organized by product along with by function.

Objective: Link with Calm

Hang just a few big pieces of art work instead of a number of smaller sized ones, making use of a minimal color palette as your guide. If you need to include pictures, print them all in black and white.
Commit distinct areas of your space to leisure activities that promote relaxation, keeping the products you require for each activity close at hand.
Identify the aspects of your interior that make you feel at ease and optimize them. For instance, if the sunshine through your high windows brings you peace, leave them unadorned.

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